New Jersey Pinto Horse Association

Pre-Entry Open Only

*NJPtHA Membership
Member  Non-Member  
40 Leadline Walk (English or Western
41 Leadline Walk-Trot-Jog (English or Western)
Walk Trot
14 Showmanship Youth Walk Trot
24 Hunter Under Saddle Youth Walk Trot
33 Hunt Seat Equitation Youth Walk Trot
45 Western Pleasure Youth Walk Troth
54 Western Horsemanship Youth Walk Trot
63 Trail Youth Walk Trot
13 Showmanship Junior
23 Hunter Under Saddle Junior
32 Hunt Seat Equitation Junior
44 Western Pleasure Junior
53 Western Horsemanship Junior
62 Trail Senior/Junior *Combined*
12 Showmanship Senior
22 Hunter Under Saddle Senior
31 Hunt Seat Equitation Senior
43 Western Pleasure Senior
52 Western Horsemanship Senior
62 Trail Senior/Junior *Combined*
Adult Novice Walk Trot
11 Showmanship Adult Walk Trot
21 Hunter Under Saddle Adult Walk Trot
30 Hunt Seat Equitation Adult Walk Trot
42 Western Pleasure Adult Walk Trot
51 Western Pleasure Adult Walk Trot
61 Trial Adult Walk Trot
Miniature Horses
76 Open Miniature Showmanship
77 Open Miniature Halter
81 Open Miniature In Hand Trail
84 Open Miniature Jumping In Hand
86 Open Miniature Driving
89 Open Miniature Disciplined Rail Driving
1 Open Halter
70 Open Ranch Horse Riding
72 Open Barrels
74 Open Flag Race
*Release of Liability (Please see entry form for complete details)
Entry Fee: $16 per Class or $100 Day Fee 
Separate Day Fee for each rider/horse or pony combination
After 6 classes, must pay the day fee

**Please make all checks payable to NJPtHA**

When entering horses shots and coggins date on this pre-entry form they are still required to bring to the show office when confirming/paying/getting back number the day of the show.

Pinto/Open Day Fee $150
$16 per Class (Up to 6 classes)
Open Day Fee $100
Mini Day Fee $80
Haul In Fee $15
Stall fee $35
Shavings $7 each
Office $5
Camper Fee $25