New Jersey Pinto Horse Association

2019 Officers and Board of Directors

2019 Officers

 President: Margorie C. Lawler-Moser

Vice President: Francene Brown 

Treasurer: Mary Hesler

Secretary: Bobbie Santiago 


2019 Board of Directors 

Karen Mokuau

Karen Parker

Melissa Hetzell

Lorrie Scorrer 


New Jersey Bred Secretary

Karen Mokuau


 Membership Secretary

Lorrie Scorrer


Horse Show Point Secretary

Lorrie Scorrer


Club Meeting Minutes

February 26, 2019

March 12, 2019 

April 23, 2019




Marjorie C. Lawer-Moser 609-680-2456

Francene Brown 609-510-5225

Elaine Corcoran Sack 302-377-4224

Mary Kensler 856-904-0883

Melissa Hetzell 609-377-0787 

Karen Mokuau 856-305-1680 

Lorrie Scorrer 609-668-1932 

Maria Grasso 856-693-7781 (if you need any forms printed and mailed to you)