New Jersey Pinto Horse Association

About Us



New Jersey Pinto Horse Association is a charter club of the Pinto Horse Association of America. Founded in 1976, we are a small group primarily located in Southern New Jersey not only looking to spread and promote the pinto breed, but to offer a variety of opportunities to other breeds and associations; members and non-members.


Our club is currently offering 2 one day shows at the Gloucester County DREAM Park, that include full slate of classes for not only our Pinto horses, but for other breeds as well! At our shows we award High Point and Reserve High Point for each division. Offering your choice of ribbon or horse care product. Annually in January we hold our Year End Awards Banquet and present our members with many great awards for their hard work and horses hard work throughout the year.


We also offer a Breeder Award Program for horses foaled in the State of New Jersey. The Rules and Regulations for this program are available upon request, please reach out to our New Jersey bred Secretary for further information.


We invite you to browse our website which is dedicated to promoting the Pinto Horse. You will find a lot of information on our associations web page to help your travel and show day go a bit smoother will available forms ready to print. Any questions or concerns or problems there are our officers contact information readily available if you are having trouble.


We welcome you to become a member today of the New Jersey Pinto Horse Association (NJPtHA)!